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Sit Stand Workstations

With recent research suggesting that standing for part of the day is beneficial to one’s health, height-adjustable workstations are more essential than ever.

A 2011 study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows prolonged sitting is reduced when workers are equipped with sit-stand workstations. Among other things, increased standing among participants improved mood states and reduced incidents of neck and back pain.
Some of the remarkable findings of this study:

  1. 87% felt more energized
  2. 75% felt healthier overall
  3. 66% felt more productive
  Ergonomic Workstations

Sit Stand Studies and Info

Desktop Standing
Desk Comparison

Key Factors to Consider when Selecting Your New Sit Stand

  • Price
  • Adjustability
    • Ease of adjusting from Sitting to Standing and reverse
    • Monitor Height and Distance Adjustability
    • Keyboard/Mouse Adjustability Height/Tilt
  • Integration with existing Furniture
  • Desk Space – Writing

Modular sit stand options that attach to or sit on top of current desks offer a cost effective solution but do have varying degrees of advantages and disadvantages. Some have both Monitor and KBT adjustment. Some offer varying degrees of one or the other but not both. Stability, adjustability, and how they integrate/attach with the desk must also be considered. Front mounted or free standing sit stands minimize useable desk space.

The Sit Stand Electric Desk with KBT and Monitor Arm provides the best overall solution.

ergonomic workstation

Electric Sit-Stand Workstation

Description: Electric adjustable height table for sit/stand applications.

Sizes available in widths from 36” to 72” wide and 18” to 30” deep – Priced to size
Colors: Beech or Maple Top with silver or black base
Options: Heavy Duty Frame add $195.00
Single Column for tight spaces
Corner returns also available

Advantages: Fully adjustable desk height, monitor height and distance adjustment, and keyboard mouse height, distance, and tilt adjustment.

Select Item Size
Frame Type

See 250+ top color choices

Base Color
Top Color (from link at left)

monitor arm

keyboard tray

Optional Add-ons:

Monitor Arm:   Select Monitor Arm

Keyboard Tray:   Select Keyboard Tray

workstation frame


Frame Only

Advantages: Price. Attaching an existing desktop to an electric sit stand frame is a great cost effective option to achieve sit stand adjustability.

Item: Frame Only
Price: $595.00  or $790.00 Heavy Duty


sit-stand workstation


Item: 6300 Taskmate Go
Price: $649.00 + $55 shipping

6300 TaskMate Go Workstation

The Taskmate Go sit stand desk from HealthPostures is a sleek, cost effective way to enjoy a healthy energetic work-style. Now you can effortlessly move from a sitting position to a standing position improving productivity and comfort and have the freedom to move whenever you like.

Just clamp the Taskmate Go sit stand desk to your existing work surface and mount your computer monitor. A simple squeeze of the conveniently placed lever is all you need to move your monitor, keyboard, mouse and other items into a comfortable standing position. Releasing the lever at the desired height causes the unit to to lock into place giving you a sturdy, height adjustable computer work station.

The Taskmate Go sit stand desk will not only keep you energetic and focused throughout your workday, it will also help you burn calories, lose weight and alleviate back pain. It’s all in a day’s work for the Taskmate Go!

Ergonomic – Stylish – Practical

  • Easily move from a sitting to a standing position for comfortable prolonged computing
  • Burns calories while at work
  • Quickly and securely attaches to most any work surface
  • Premium keyboard tray with wrist rest standard
  • Easy height adjustment
  • VESA standard monitor mounting
  • Auxiliary work surface included
  • Built-in copy holder standard
  • Optional dual monitor mounting accessory available


  • Have More Energy
  • Burn Calories
  • Relieve Back and Neck Pain
  • Be More Productive

Advantages: Price. It has great adjustability. One very critical feature this one has is that when sitting the keyboard/mouse tray will go lower than desk height to achieve good height for seated keying and mousing. I like this one allot as well because it is easy to operate and easy to install and move as well.

sit-stand workstation


Ergotron Workfit A

Advantages: Height adjustment of the monitor in combination with the keyboard tray lowering beneath desk level for sitting.

Item: Ergotron Workfit A
Price: $650.00


sit-stand workstation


Item: 6400 Taskmate EZ
Price: $299.00 + $35 shipping

6400 TaskMate EZ Workstation

Description:   It Has Never Been More EZ to Enjoy a Healthy, Energetic, Sit-Stand Work Style!

  • Makes it EZ to move from a sitting to a standing position for comfortable prolonged computingIMG_2331-R
  • Burning calories while at work has never been more EZ
  • The most cost-effective sit-stand workstation on the market, saving money is EZ!
  • EZ to Quickly and securely attach to most any work surface
  • EZ manual height adjustment
  • Worktop and monitor mount adjust independently for EZ Comfort and ergonomics
  • Monitor mount includes a tilt feature for EZ monitor viewing
  • VESA standard monitor mounting for EZ mounting of most any computer monitor
  • Heavy duty steel construction and simple fool-proof design with NO MOVING PARTS means that the Taskmate EZ will provide a lifetime of EZ trouble free service
  • Your Choice of grommet or optional rear clamp mounting for EZ unparalleled stability

The TaskMate EZ will attach to any desk and will adjust from a sitting to a standing position while allowing for plenty of workspace. Many employees and employers have since learned that switching from sitting to standing though-out the day has many benefits including physical alertness, increase productivity and staying fit while on the job.


  • Have More Energy
  • Burn Calories
  • Relieve Back and Neck Pain
  • Be More Productive

Advantages: Price. Monitor and Keyboard Mouse Tray are manually height adjustable.

sit-stand workstation


Ergotron Workfit S

Advantages: Keyboard drops below desk level for sitting. Monitor height is adjustable. Will swing out of the way to allow for use of the desk surface when needed.

Item: Ergotron Workfit S
Price: $700.00


sit-stand workstation


Item: 6100 Taskmate Executive
Price: $1325.00

Health Postures 6100 TaskMate Executive

The TaskMate Executive electric sit stand desk is a high-quality sit to stand workstation that provides energy for a healthier way to work.  Transform any surface into a personalized electric sit stand desk.   The TaskMate Executive is a complete sit to stand ergonomic solution for your office.
Features and Specifications

  • Easily move from a sitting to a standing position
  • Comfortable prolonged computing
  • Burns calories while at work
  • Quickly attaches to most any work surface
  • Telephone holder
  • Copy holder
  • Extended platform work surface
  • All-in-one keyboard tray
  • Adjustable keyboard  tray
  • Electronic height adjustment

Advantages: Electric, Smooth, Easy pushbutton adjustment. The Keyboiard Platform can be adjusted lower than desk height for optimal positioning while sitting.

sit-stand workstation


Item: The Kangaroo
Price: $500.00


The Kangaroo Full Sized Unit

  • Work surface and monitor adjust separately giving you Dual Ergonomics
  • Work surface of our adjustable height desktop can be raised to the exact same location by using our "stopping bolt" feature
  • The Kangaroo is larger than The Kangaroo Junior
  • Main work surface measures 28" wide by 24" deep
  • Main work surface is adjustable 16.5" above your desk
  • Holds your laptop or monitor on a shelf that measures 16" wide x 9.25" deep
  • The Monitor has 6.5" of adjustment independent from the work surface
  • Recommended for Laptops or Monitors up to 15 lbs
  • Note, some docking stations for laptops may be too large (measure)
  • If your monitor is heavier than 15 lbs, please enter in your monitor brand and model number in the "order comments" section on the checkout page, we can support a monitor weight of up to 34 lbs. You can also call us at 866-232-7988 for the upgrade.
  • Solid Steel Base plate makes The Kangaroo very stable measures 17.5" wide by 16" deep
  • All units have one stabilization leg included
  • Optional Detachable Side Work Surfaces are available
  • Optional Keyboard Extension is available
  • Available in Black, Maple, Cherry and Putty

Explanation of Monitor or Laptop option selection: We ask this question to see if you will be using a laptop screen or external monitor for screen viewing. The "Both" option indicates that you will be using one or the other for screen viewing, during your use of the Kangaroo. The Kangaroo is not built for monitor and laptop viewing at the same time. The Hybrid Kangaroo supports a dual viewing application of a laptop screen and external monitor.

Advantages: The monitor and Keyboard mouse platform adjust independently.

sit-stand workstation


Item: QuickStand
Price: $899.00

Humanscale QuickStand

The QuickStand height-adjustable workstation raises the bar for ease of use and stability among sit/stand products. QuickStand seamlessly transforms any fixed-height desk into an active one, promoting collaboration and well-being in the workplace. With weightless operation and a plug-and-play cable management system, QuickStand neatly attaches to the back of any work surface, placing the screen and keyboard in an ergonomically correct position for the user.

Advantages: Has both Monitor and Keyboard height adjustment.

sit-stand workstation


Item: Winston
Price: $600.00

Innovative Winston

Easy height adjustment. Adjust the height of your sit-stand workstation with just the push of a button. Features 17" of height adjust to accommodate a variety of users. Watch the video.

Expansive work surface. Large surface feels more like a real desk when standing and allows you to take all of your necessary items with you when you stand.

Engineered for stability. The industry's first locking cylinder keeps your workspace in place eliminating wobble while you work.

Moving at work for a healthy lifestyle. Ease body pain and boost health by increasing your movement at work. Winston gives you the freedom to easily alternate between sitting and standintg throughout the day.

Advantages: Easy pushbutton adjustment. Has clamp and Bolt Thru available as well.

sit-stand workstation


Item: The Work Up
Price: $500.00

The Work Up

The WorkUp rests on top of your desk and can be positioned anywhere.  The cantilevered design does not require clamping on your desk.  The felt pads located on the underside of the base allow you to easily slide and locate your WorkUp anywhere on your desktop.

The WorkUp has independent keyboard tray and monitor height adjustment.  Adjust the platform height by simply turning our Euro style adjustable handle a half turn to release the brake.  The platform is spring assisted & can be raised to any desired height.  There is no silly support post needed to support front edge of platform.  The WorkUp has a steel support under the platform making it extremely strong & stable for years of adjustable use.  The monitor height adjust uses the same adjustable brake handle.  Simply rotate your monitor right or left, loosen the brake handle while holding your monitor.  Set the monitor height and tighten the brake.

Now you can move your display and keyboard in one simple motion.
26”D x 28”W work surface is big enough to accommodate your keyboard, mouse and even a document holder. The platform has a curved edge so your wrists are not exposed to any sharp edges or corners. The Vesa mounted monitor mounts are fully adjustable including height, pan, tilt and Landscape and Portrait. Now you can work sitting down or you can WorkUp –  comfortably in sitting or standing postures.  Change your position in seconds.  Adjusts up to 16.”

  • Heavy duty steel & aluminum construction
  • Total weight capacity 35lbs
  • Ships knocked down
  • Manufactured in the USA

Advantages: Has both Monitor and Keyboard height adjustment.

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